Dog Gets Surprise Ball Pit For His Birthday

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  • Sometimes you just get the perfect birthday present and everything’s awesome for the rest of the day. Maymo, a lemon beagle who makes a living being cute on YouTube, was taking a nap on the couch when his owners started rearranging the furniture around him. He was more or less uninterested until they brought in a box of 1000+ rainbow-colored balls and created a DIY ball pit, and then he was in dog heaven.

    His owners say the balls were rainbow-colored “because gay marriage!” which is nice, though I don’t know if ball pit balls come in any other color combination. (Also, isn’t Maymo colorblind?) Anyway, he had a great time romping through the ball pit until he was worn out and fell asleep, and it’s exactly the right amount of adorable for a Monday. Everybody’s birthday should be that enjoyable.