Marc Jacobs’ Instagram By Marc Jacobs Accidentally Showed Marc Jacobs’ Ass By Marc Jacobs

  • If you were checking out Marc Jacobs’ Instagram for a very brief period of time today, you would have seen this accidentally-posted nude side shot of the designer himself.

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    The post was quickly taken down, but not before some forward-thinking Instagrammer took a screenshot and sent it to Gawker.

    Interesting discussion here at the office: does publishing this photo on our site equate to last year’s leak of celebrity nudes to 4chan?

    Side 1 of the discussion: “Yes. He intended to use that photo privately, and we should assume that, since he removed it almost immediately, that he wants it to stay private.”

    Side 2: “The fact that he posted it himself relinquishes us from any accusations of bad form. Plus, you can’t even see any crack or dick!”

    As of now, Side 2 is winning, but please leave a comment if you feel differently about us publishing Marc Jacobs Side-Ass.