Crafty Crow Bites Unsuspecting Dog’s Tail

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  • Here at What’s Trending, we love all members of the Animal Kingdom. (Even though we’re on record that geese are jerks.) So we will try to present this video without too much commentary. It’s just a simple clip of an unsuspecting dog hanging out in the grass… and they crafty crow sneaking up behind it. Does the crow think the dog’s tail is a worm? Is the crow just having a little fun? Are crows jerks? We’ll let you decide.

    Though we will point out that the crow sure looks like it’s trying to sneak up behind the dog. It even plays dumb when the dog turns around the check it out. The dog, named Nero, is just hanging out when suddenly… crow bite! Nero does his best to get back at the crow, chasing and barking after the beaked prankster. But we’re giving this one to the crow. They are extremely intelligent birds, after all. We just hope they don’t use their powers for evil.