Seagull Steals GoPro, Films Some Great Views & Tries to Eat It

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  • GoPros are getting smaller and more versatile all the time – and apparently they look like delicious shellfish to birds.

    German tourist Martin Lozano was visiting the Cies Islands off the coast of Spain when he noticed a seagull preening on a ledge and set up his GoPro nearby to film it, not realizing that gulls assume everything is food until proven otherwise. The bird grabbed the camera and took off, leaving Lozano shouting and chasing after it.

    The good news is the gull captured some fantastic views of the mountains and the bay before landing a couple more times and trying to break the camera open. Lozano managed to catch up to it and get his GoPro back.

    Sneaky animals stealing GoPros is kind of becoming a trend on YouTube – like this one from last year showing a fox grabbing and chewing the camera. If you were ever wondering what it’s like to be a small rodent, well, now you know.

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