Joe Pesci Spits on Elmo

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  • Look, I know Tickle Me Elmo had us all wanting to murder the little red weirdo for a while there, but at least we never spat in his face.

    Behind-the-scenes footage of classic “Sesame Street,” which never stops being funny, shows Joe Pesci having it out with Elmo on set during his guest appearance in 1994.

    “We have never had such a violent, unbalanced celebrity on Sesame Street ever!” Elmo shouts at him. Pesci responds by spitting on him.

    “That’s disgusting!” Elmo says, before wiping his face on Pesci’s sleeve.

    Later Pesci whacks Elmo in the face with a rolled-up set of blueprints.

    Sesame Street aficionados will remember that Pesci was playing Donald Trump parody Ronald Grump in the “Sesame Street All-Star 25th Birthday” special.