Golfer Kills Seagull, and Other Sports-Related Bird Casualties

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  • Lots of people on the internet are laughing over this video of a golfer killing a seagull with an unfortunate drive shot. It was the top video on Reddit today, and sparked a bunch of “yeah, one time I killed a seagull/goose/turkey” stories.

    Yes, it’s kinda funny how the bird just plonks over, and at least that means it didn’t suffer – but for birds, this must be just the latest in a long line of tragic fatalities due to sporting events. A quick look through YouTube shows that birds land on pitches or fly over stadiums at their own risk.

  • Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson turns dove into cloud of feathers

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    The official call was “no pitch.”

  • Bird gets pummeled by football in Australia vs Uzbekistan World Cup qualifier

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    Or just pretended to be mortally wounded for the red card, amiright?

  • Michael Llodra kills house martin during Australian Open

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    He had the decency to pray for it.

  • Panama footballer Luis Moreno kicks injured mascot owl off the pitch.

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    What a jerk.