Guy Sings Coldplay During “Call of Duty”

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    It’s Throwback Thursday, which is a great time to appreciate this “Call of Duty” video from February 2014 that has resurfaced on Reddit today.

    “So I was playing Call of Duty when this guy started singing Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ with his mic plugged in, which he didn’t even realize,” gamer SinJerome explained.

    “I wasn’t having a very good game and was getting frustrated. I almost muted him at one point, and almost rage quitted at another, but this guy’s beautiful singing kept me going… So naturally, I added the instrumental and here we are.”

    Considering that the guy didn’t know anyone was listening and was only singing half the lyrics, he doesn’t do half bad. And watching Call of Duty characters gun people down and blow things up during the big dramatic chorus is downright hilarious.