This Ad For Instant Noodles Is Our Favorite This Week

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    So this is excellent – a British brand of instant ramen noodles came up with a hilarious ad campaign that took over the internet, so they made the joke happen for real.

    The #YouCanMakeIt commercial, about a Liverpool teenager who eats Pot Noodles so he can spend less time cooking and more time chasing his dream of (spoiler!) becoming a crop-top-and-booty-shorts-wearing ring boy at boxing matches, went viral last week, getting the attention of Perez Hilton and Crystal Palace footballer James McArthur.

    It got so big that they decided to send actor Michael Moran to an actual boxing match so he could live the dream. “I feel like I’ve made it now,” he said, “there aren’t many 17-year-old lads who can say they’ve donned a tankini in front of thousands of boxing fans and been applauded out of the ring.”

    Moran used to be a boxer himself but gave that up to pursue an acting career – and he clearly just got his big break, so I guess the Pot Noodles people were right.

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