#ManOfYogurt: The Next Attempt to Cure Men’s Terror of Girly Things

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    Yoplait is the latest brave yogurt company to try to convince men that it’s okay to eat their product. Because yeah, maybe their girlfriends eat this stuff when they’re dieting and going to spin class, but so does this attractive suit-wearing man with the piercing eyes and muscular neck! Just look at how fucking manly he is!

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    I will give Yoplait some credit, since they appear to be going for that self-aware parody approach made popular by the Old Spice Guy. Plus there’s no attempt to change the packaging to make yogurt look all hyper-masculine, as if they’re selling triple-blade razors.

    Like this yogurt brand, for instance:

  • Powerful yogurt

    Oh my god. Shhhh, dudebros, it’s okay. I swear eating yogurt will not make you gay.

    … or WILL IT.

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  • Mammoth Supply Co. from New Zealand lays down the law for manly yogurt eating, as well as putting on sunscreen, slapping other men on the ass and having facial hair.

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  • In Bulgaria, Danone came up with some manly aerodynamic packaging that made their product look like high-powered protein supplements for athletes, when in fact it’s STUPID YOGURT JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE’S YOGURT, FFS.

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