Televangelist Robert Tilton Gets a Rockin’ Pogo Remix

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    Televangelist Robert Tilton got the Pogo remix treatment, and it’s super catchy!

    Pogo’s made a name for himself remixing stuff like Spongebob Squarepants, Disney movies and “Sesame Street,” but this wacky 80s preacher has plenty for Pogo to work with – all that speaking in tongues and making weird noises as the voice of God sounds off in his head. He even comes with his own crowds of dancing megachurch people.

    You probably remember Tilton yelling “I don’t make this stuff up!” in John Oliver’s epic takedown of televangelists.

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  • He’s also the guy from the Farting Preacher meme, which I just discovered and enjoyed way too much.

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