This Cow Is The Best Dairy Salesperson Ever

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  • Today is a special day. This video is currently climbing it’s way up in the cyber world, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The Alpura cow, and other inflatable suited dancers have been one of the principle sources of joy in my life for years, now I can tell the world about it. Just watch this video, it’s two and a half minutes of pure joy and brilliance. You can’t not smile while watching it.

    If you loved this video, get ready. One video I ALWAYS show people who haven’t heard of the Alpura cow (I don’t know why I assume that people would know about this Mexican dairy products mascot), I show them the following video.

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  • Another favorite inflatable dancer of mine, is Google’s Android. Just look at his little legs go!

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  • So great. I hope this post sends you down a rabbit hole of watching and discovering the joy of dancing, inflatable mascots. They are a true gift to this world.