Amazing Backflipping Hamster Fail

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  • The two things the internet loves the most are probably 1) cute animals, and 2) animals doing crazy or stupid things. Fairly often (but never often enough), we get the best of both worlds, with animals being cute while doing crazy or stupid things.

    At first glance, this cage of hamsters at a pet shop seems pretty normal — all the little guys scurrying around and trying to find a way out. And then the lighter colored one hops into the green dish and just flips over backwards.

    And goes back.

    And flips over again.

    And again.

    And again.

    Tired of flipping from inside the dish? He goes outside of it and backflips onto it instead. Other hamsters in his way? Doesn’t matter, backflip!

    Hopefully this little fella got adopted so he can backflip in a cage all his own. Maybe they’ll even buy him some acrobatic equipment so he can properly train for the hamster olympics.