Pizza Rat Terrifies New Yorkers in PrankvsPrank Video

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    It should be stated for the record that I was just complaining about old memes being dug back up, and I’ve also frequently complained about how I don’t really enjoy prank videos. What can I say, I’m a grouchy person. All that said, this video from PrankvsPrank is pretty funny.

    Pizza Rat was such a huge trend a couple of months ago, you’d think everyone loves him. But it turns out actually meeting a pizza-toting rat on the streets of New York isn’t a pleasant experience for most people.

    Jesse from PrankvsPrank took a break from tormenting his girlfriend Jeana to build a remote-controlled Pizza Rat, which he then steered toward people’s feet on the subway and the sidewalk – and oddly enough, instead of taking videos to share with everyone on the internet and making “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” jokes, everyone yelped and jumped out of the way, because rats are crawling with diseases.