The Real Baby It’s Cold Outside

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  • It’s long been said that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is the worst of the worst when it comes to Christmas songs. When you actually listen to the lyrics, it sounds like the man half of the duet is carrying out a devious plot to drug and intoxicate his “date” and likely force her into unwanted sexual situations. What Christmas cheer! What fun! Not really.

    This Funny or Die video featuring Casey Wilson takes the lyrics and reinterprets the video to accurately reflect the awfulness of what they’re saying. It’s partially meant to be humorous, partially meant to be a reminder that none of this is okay whatsoever. So if you have any friends or family members that still insist on listening to this song for the month of December, don’t shy away from showing them this. But do be warned that it’s a little bit graphic at points and may upset some viewers.