Australian “Stoner Sloth” Anti-Pot Ads are Best Appreciated While High

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    Anti-drug PSAs can get pretty weird, but this one just might take the cake. According to Australia, if you smoke weed you’ll turn into a human-sized sloth and your friends will roll their eyes and mutter “stoner sloth,” because that’s a thing teenagers say.

    “You’re worse on weed,” the commercial tagline lectures, though in one clip they casually skate over the fact that the sloth’s friends are all drinking. Why don’t THEY turn into giant animals, Australia? Maybe obnoxious kangaroos or something? (Probably because if this were an Australian anti-alcohol commercial, someone would try to drive drunk and everyone would die horribly. Seriously, go look up a few of those ads on YouTube if you want to scar yourself for life.)

    A glance at the official Stoner Sloth website shows how hip with the cool kids this campaign truly is. “Stoned at dinner and the struggle is TOO REAL! TFW you realize you shouldn’t have smoked up! Life of the party… SAID NO ONE EVER!” It’s like when your dad tries to use the memes from the YouTubes and it’s so embarrassing you want to crawl under the table.

    Also, sloths are right up there with pandas, corgi puppies and baby polar bears on the list of Most Beloved Animals on the Internet – which is probably why the campaign went with it in a ham-fisted attempt to appeal to Millennials, but all they’re really implying is that if you smoke weed, Kristen Bell will look at you like this:

  • Kristen bell sloth
  • Needless to say, I love it.