These News Anchors Really Hate Each Other

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  • These two news anchors have no qualms about “airing” their apparent hatred for each other while actually on the air!

    Anchor Kyle Clark and meteorologist Kathy Sabine from Channel 9 news in Colorado have a history of getting into spats on live television, which Amazinglife 24/7 compiled into one handy video.

    “Don’t look at me like I’m crazy every time I ask you a question,” Sabine says, after remarking on the smell of orange blossoms outside.

    “I smell your hairspray, mainly,” Clark fires back, and when she responds by touching his hair to check for product he says “Please don’t ever touch me again.”

    In another broadcast, Sabine says “I’ve noticed we’re really getting into that No Shave November!” as the camera pans to Clark’s completely smooth, boyish face. Sickest burn ever.

    Although the video suggests that its just two out of the three anchors, from our casual watch of the video it looks like both ladies don’t really care for the guy. It must be a pretty rough gig!

    It’s gotten to the point where the anchors are getting questioned about it on Twitter – and a lot of people suspect it’s actually sexual tension and they’re trying to cover it up. Our host Paula Rhodes looks into the details:

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