Watch This Adorable German Grandma Toast to Hitler!

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    We’ve all been there – you go home to visit your family, you’re trying to have a pleasant evening at a restaurant together, and then that one weird relative with the crazy political views starts yelling “Heil Hitler!” So awkward, guys.

    In a video that quickly climbed the ranks on Reddit this week and has 85 thousand views in just a few days, a very old German grandmother is dining out with her family when she starts raising her glass and crying “Prost!” which means “cheers,” which gets a positive response from her family until she follows it up with “Heil Hitler.”

    They laugh awkwardly the first one or two times, but soon they’re grabbing at her arm and shushing her before everybody else in the dining room starts thinking they’re Nazis.

    It’s very possible the woman had some form of dementia and was reliving a time from her youth, when saluting Hitler in public was a normal, everyday part of her culture. So it’s hard to blame her exactly, but it’s still pretty cringey.