Guy Eats MRE Ration From 1955!

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  • I’m not quite sure what would possess someone to eat 60 year old rations, but am intrigued regardless!

    YouTuber Steve 1989 MRE Info actually eats all kinds of MRE’s providing a review of the contents. It turns out this isn’t even his oldest venture into MRE eating. He recently dug into a 1951 MRE as well, but unlike it’s predecessor, the food was spoiled and pretty disgusting.

  • 1951 Korean War RCI C Ration B Unit Nightmare MRE Review Nasty Spoiled Old Food

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  • The videos are pretty informational, and I have to admit, it’s super cool to watch this stuff being opened exactly the way it would have if it were the 1950’s.

    We just hope he doesn’t get food poisoning!