Guys Get High On Their Own Stash, Turn Themselves In

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  • A pair of drug traffickers were overtaken by their own stash as they attempted to smuggle twenty pounds of marijuana from Las Vegas to Montana.

    After an afternoon of partaking in their own stash, the duo thought they were being followed by undercover police cars and called 911 because they were tired of being followed and wanted them to “end it already.”

    After the call both men were found by officers with their hands behind their heads, ready to surrender. The caller Leland Ayala-Dolitente and his partner Holland Sward plead guilty to the charges laid against them.

    Sward plead guilty to possession with intent to deliver (which was amended down from an original charge) and both men were each charged with one felony count of trafficking marijuana.

    District Judge Greg Moeller suspended the five-year sentence handed down to Sward and sentenced him to probation for five years and ordered him to serve 30 days in jail. Ayala-Doliente didn’t get off quite as light, since he tested positive for marijuana, cocaine and oxycodone on his sentencing day. He was sentenced to 1.5 to eight years in prison.

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