Can YOU Carry a Pen Under Your Boobs?

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  • Before you read this, you have to go check out our “Most Inspiring Women of 2015” post so my feminist self doesn’t die inside over this ridiculous click-bait story about Chinese women and boobs.

    Ready? Okay.

    There’s a new trend in China right now on the social media site Weibo, which is kind of like Twitter, with a hashtag that roughly translates to “carrypenunderbreast.”

    The point of this exercise, aside from putting more boob pictures on the internet, is for women to prove their boobs are large enough to hold pens beneath them. It started with writing utensils and then moved up to larger objects like lotion bottles, makeup brushes and even water bottles.

    Don’t take our word for it, though – someone has already created with all the best under-boob pictures. Enjoy.

    Also, complete side-note, our video has a joke about Donald Trump saying “China” and we spent five minutes laughing at this Buzzfeed video while our host Jay Walker was practicing his Trump impression.

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