This Apprentice Made a Crucial Mistake Installing His First Toilet

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  • We all make mortifying mistakes on the job sometimes, but this one’s particularly funny.

    An apprentice builder was installing a toilet when his supervisor came to check on his progress and noticed one wee problem. They speak in broad Irish accents that are as indecipherable as Brad Pitt in “Snatch,” but as always, a local Reddit user provided a translation:

    – Well, how’s it gone for your first time fitting a toilet?

    – Ah, not too bad [?], just finishing with the toilet seat — locking it down.

    – You happy enough with it?

    – Ah, it’s not bad; that’s fucking not bad.

    – Hey, you wouldn’t do me a wee favour? Close that door there for me.

    – Ah for fuck’s sake!

    (You probably had that last line figured out.)

    Reddit also gleefully wondered if the apprentice uninstalled the entire toilet to close the door instead of simply taking the door off its hinges and putting it back on.