Check Out These People Dancing Inside Giant Stuffed Bears!

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  • You’re weird, internet.

    The latest big thing, apparently, is people taking those giant stuffed animals that guys sometimes buy their girlfriends for Valentine’s Day, pulling out all the stuffing, climbing inside and busting out some hip-hop moves. Apparently it all started with Twitter user @alexis_baldner, who gutted a teddy bear and put her little sister inside. The result falls somewhere on the spectrum between “hilarious” and “seriously unsettling.”

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  • I’ve received one of those giant teddy bears in the past, and once you get past the cuteness factor you really don’t know what to do with them – they take up way too much space and you can’t put them out of sight anywhere – so at least people are getting some extra amusement out of them before they’re banished to the dumpster.

    But at the same time, whyyyyyy.