Heated British Road Rage Incident Is Actually Pretty Polite

  • A man in Ledbury captured this video of a “heated” road rage incident involving himself and another British woman. While the two argue and ultimately refuse to compromise, the whole exchange is all rather polite.

    As the two cars face each other on a narrow road, the woman confronts the other car and demands him to reverse. As it is illegal to reverse onto a main road, the driver refuses and the argument begins.

    Unlike what we imagine a road rage argument here in the United States to look like, The Telegraph points out:

    The most heated point of the disagreement comes when the woman leans into the man’s car and says: “You shouldn’t have come in should you? You saw me coming down, I watched you!”

  • With both drivers refusing to reverse, they are left in a standoff. However, we’d prefer this British road rage over something like the video below any day!