Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing At Poop Joke

  • During New Zealand’s Paul Henry Show, broadcaster Hilary Barry could not compose herself after hearing a poop joke.

    A previous segment featured news about a Malaysian diplomat who experienced an “emergency defecation situation.” After hearing this Barry was unable to control her laughter. All three broadcasters laugh about the funny situation but then even through the next headline Barry is still laughing.

  • Barry2
  • While talking about a bomb blowing a hole through a Somali plane resulting in a passenger being sucked out and dying, Barry still continues laughing. She apologizes and makes it clear that she is still laughing about the previous situation and the current news is nothing to be laughed at.

    By the end of the video Barry is still laughing and even says “today could be the day I lose my job.” says Barry’s co-worker, Mike McRoberts, came to her defense:

    “Hilary has a great a sense of humour which has occasionally seen her in fits of giggles on air. She has a wonderfully infectious laugh though and I’m sure when she breaks into giggles the rest of the country is laughing with her.”

    We can’t blame Hilary Barry for laughing. We all have our occasional laughing fits. Especially when the topic is poop!