How Much Does It Cost To Eat Like The Moon Juice Owner?

  • Hollywood’s juice bar owner, Amanda Chantal Bacon, recently told Elle her daily diet and exercise regimen. The fascinating food diary food diary revealed that the Moon Juice founder eats a ridiculously long list of ingredients that we’ve never heard of (spoiler: no bacon).

    In this hilarious video by Murderbot Productions, Jarrett Sleeper reads the article as Amanda Chantal Bacon while listing the real prices of all the items she eats daily. The outcome is a super funny and ultimately ridiculous video showing just how expensive it is to eat like her.

    Sleeper researched all the ingredients mentioned and sourced prices from Moon Juice, Amazon, and The grand total comes to $1,210.97. For one day!

    We can’t even process how it is possible to spend that much on food for one day. It’s hard to believe that Elle even published something so unrealistic to inspire their readers’ diets. However, we now understand why we’re paying $10 for pressed juice!

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