SNL Spoofs Reaction to Beyoncé’s New Music Video

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  • Saturday Night Live can be pretty hit and miss, but sometimes when they get something right, they get it really, really right.

    Taking on the racially-charged controversy that surrounded the surprise release of Beyoncé’s “Formation” music video, SNL came out with a faux movie trailer this past weekend for “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black.” The trailer essentially boils down the negative reaction to Bey’s video to what it truly was: white people realizing that Beyoncé doesn’t exist as an easily digestible image we can point to in order to be like “haha no I’m not racist, I like Beyoncé” while not having to acknowledge any actual racial issues, whether externally or internally.

    But of course, it’s SNL, so they do it in a highly amusing — and quite frankly, daring — fashion. They say the best humor makes us reexamine ourselves and our choices, so hopefully this skit has done some good on that front. Beyond that, we’ll let this video — and Beyoncé’s — speak for itself.