Kylo Ren’s Taking Over All Your Favorite Movies

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  • If you’re a die hard Kylo Ren fanboy/fangirl and you can’t wait until the next Star Wars film comes out to see more of him, this video may be the answer to your problems.

    Or it may send you into a lightsaber-wielding, spaceship-destroying rage. Either one works.

    VFX artist Darren Wallace put together a video editing emo villain child Kylo Ren (or his mask) into a number of preexisting popular films. In addition to being incredibly amusing imagining Vader’s grandson hanging out next to Marty McFly or breaking down hotel doors in The Shining, it’s also a far cry from the mediocre VFX work that usually happens when people on YouTube do videos like this. Wallace is a genuinely talented VFXer, and pushing Kylo Ren into these films is seamless.

    Now, someone go write all these fan fic crossovers. Just kidding, they probably already have.