SNL Calls Out Donald Trump’s Racism in Brutal Parody Ad

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  • Yikes – Saturday Night Live did not pull their punches on Donald Trump this week.

    First there was the inevitable cold open starting with Darrell Hammond as Trump and Bobby Moynihan as Chris Christie, skewering Christie’s dazed/panicked expression during Trump’s victory speech after Super Tuesday. “Everyone loves me,” Trump bragged, “racists, ugly racists, people who didn’t even know they were racists… I even have this fat piece of crap behind me now.”

    But that was just a warmup for later in the show, when they straight-up called Trump supporters Nazis and Klansmen.

    “He’s going to take our economy from here to here,” says Taran Killam, lifting his hand and displaying a red swastika armband.

    “He’s not some cautious politician – he says what I’m thinking,” says Vanessa Bayer’s cheerful housewife character, before holding up the KKK robe she was ironing.

    The “Racists for Trump” sketch has a lot of people talking online – the word “eviscerates” is making its usual rounds – though some are pointing out that SNL certainly isn’t above using Trump to boost their ratings.

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