Kanye West Seamlessly Integrated Into “The People V. O.J. Simpson”

  • Source: www.funnyordie.com / Via: www.funnyordie.com

  • Every time Kanye West says or does something outrageous and sparks a wave of commentary throughout the internet, at least a dozen thinkpieces on “When Will The World Be Done With Kanye?” pop up. Funny Or Die decided to go ahead and take that to another level, putting Kanye on trial in this mashup video of FX’s The People V. O.J. Simpson alongside clips of Yeezy himself giving interviews and being chased by paparazzi. It’s not the most logical video, but it’s a nice break from all the thinkpieces, and it’s impressive to see how well Kanye saying stupid things fits in with David Schwimmer’s horrified, desperate reactions to everything. Now all that’s left is to wait and hope Kanye goes to Twitter to weigh in on this video.