Epic Time Traveling Prank Will Have You Seeing Double

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Improv Everywhere has long been providing New Yorkers with surprising entertainment throughout the city. Their pranks are well thought out, and often come across as epic in some sort of way, whether through mass participation or originality. Their latest prank is no exception. It starts off with a man asking subway commuters to help him fund a time travel machine, only to soon be approached by someone claiming to be him from the future, warning his past self against all the horrors to come if he succeeds. The prank continues with more “doubles” of people on the train car appearing — all really sets of twins, of course. But it makes for a great joke, and thankfully, as usual, Improv Everywhere had plenty of people with cameras planted to get it on film. Hey YouTube pranksters, maybe try something clever and amusing like this instead of pretending to murder people next time.