Sad Ben Affleck is Sad About Negative Reviews

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  • Would somebody please give Ben Affleck a hug?

    The reviews for “Batman vs Superman” have been rough, to say the least – the mega-blockbuster currently has a 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (though to be fair, the Audience Rating is 74%).

    During an interview with Affleck and Henry Cavill, Tom Butler from Yahoo Movies had to ask them how they felt about all the negative press – and as Cavill gave his best diplomatic answer about personal opinions and critics’ preconceived ideas vs the audience reaction and so forth, Affleck seemed to fall into a deep hole of depression and existential crisis, staring numbly into space as the negative reviews crushed his very soul.

    Or maybe he was just tired after a long press junket, who knows.

    He managed to snap out of it just long enough to say, “I agree” when Cavill was done speaking.

    If you think about it, though, is it all that surprising for the man playing the Dark Knight to look moody and depressed? Batman is probably the most emo superhero ever, enough to have his own meme about the subject.

  • Parents are dead
  • Look at that resemblance.