Is She Into You? “Casually Explained” on How You Can Tell

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  • It can be difficult for guys to figure out if a girl is into them. After all, there are still some outdated “rules” of dating that encourage women to smile at men and flatter their egos even if they’re not interested, and men sometimes misinterpret a woman’s friendliness or simple politeness as invitations to sleep with them.

    Fortunately, “Casually Explained” lays it all out with some hypothetical situations, helpfully illustrated with stick figures. What if a girl glances at you from the bar and flips her hair over her shoulder — is she flirting or just fixing her hair? What if a lady co-worker playfully punches your arm while standing in line at the copy machine? What if a cute girl starts chatting with you at the gym? What does it all mean???

    Hopefully this video will clear it all up. It’s a simple matter of paying attention and reading the signs, guys.