The Banana Peel Challenge is a Thing Now for Some Reason

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  • So one day a guy named Jason Oakes decided to find out if banana peels were really slippery like in cartoons, and while he was filming himself testing this theory in the kitchen, he actually slipped with his feet swept out from under him and crashed to the floor, and it was genuinely hilarious, and it went viral. All of that, I can understand.

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  • The thing that makes me despair for humanity is that this has now become the Banana Peel Challenge — the #BananaPeelChallenge, rather — where random people on the internet are just slipping on banana peels for no reason.

    Real talk, guys: you know the #IceBucketChallenge had a certain logic to it, right? People were using the viral meme to raise awareness about ALS research and pressuring their friends to join in by directly challenging them. They weren’t just dousing themselves with ice water to see if it’s actually cold and uncomfortable.

    Meanwhile, Jason is doing the only reasonable thing he can do at this point and trying to score a ticket to the The Ellen Show. At least he’s pretty self-aware about how silly this whole thing is. “Hello to my new 500+ followers why the hell r u following me I’m boring and just fell on a banana one time” he tweeted.

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Lick An Icy Pole to See If You Tongue Sticks To It challenge yet. Try not to hurt yourselves, kids.