Irish Kid Has No Idea How Vacuum Cleaners Work

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  • We all have those embarrassing childhood memories where our parents took advantage of our gullibility and pranked us for their own amusement. My father, for example, intentionally taught me to mispronounce or misuse words in the hopes that I would one day do it in public. But today’s kids have it even worse, because now YouTube exists, and the internet loves this kind of crap.

    Take this poor Irish kid named Connor who had never used a vacuum cleaner before. His father tricked him into thinking that you turn it on by yanking a pull cord, like on a lawnmower — only the pull cord was actually the retractable power cable. (The plug on the end didn’t clue him in?)

    Yeah, well, at least the kid probably knows how to film a video in landscape mode, DAD.

    The video comes to us from YouTube channel “Meanwhile in Ireland,” which has all kinds of comedic gems. Check out the blog of the same name if you feel like falling down a funny Irish rabbit hole.