Late Night McDonald’s Craving Results in Epic Twitter Story for Writer Josh Raby

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  • The graveyard shift at McDonald’s can be a truly weird time, as Tennessee writer Josh Raby learned the hard way when he got a random craving for a milkshake at one in the morning. Fortunately he put the whole thing on Twitter so we could share in the weirdness.

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  • In 29 tweets over the course of 40 minutes, Raby explained that when he tried to order the milkshake, the man at the other end of the speaker seemed confused, fumbled around for a few minutes and then announced, “We are not going to be able to do the milkshake. I do have many apple pies.”

    For some reason Raby tried to order a chicken sandwich instead, which got the employee even more confused. Many failed attempts later, the man exhaled and said, “Dude I lost my wife. Please describe your chicken sandwich to me again so I can succeed at one thing.”

    Moments later, however, the man is yelling into his headset that he found his wife, she was “watching him from behind the boxes.” The couple are making out in the window when Raby pulls around to pick up his order, which is now a chicken sandwich and two apple pies instead of the milkshake he wanted.

    You have to read the whole thread to appreciate how brilliant this story is, but it’s more or less summed up by the final tweet about another employee who finally gives Raby his food nearly 40 minutes later.

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  • The story has gone all over the internet by now — and inevitably, some people are accusing him of making the story up.

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  • Not that this proves anything, of course — anybody could go to a McDonald’s and order a chicken sandwich and two apple pies — but the story is so good I don’t even care if it’s fictional. Twitter can be kinda cool sometimes.