The Superhero Movie You Never Knew You Didn’t Need

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  • Our movie theaters are overrun with superhero films at any given point now. Some say it’s because there are no new ideas in Hollywood, others say because superhero stories are classic, and others know it’s because audiences just keep going to see every freaking one of them. Regardless, they keep coming, we keep shelling out cash and views because the trailers can always be cut to look awesome even when the movies are utter garbage fires, and then we just go watch Jessica Jones and Daredevil on Netflix to clear our brains of yet another lame Superman story.

    Mashable has acknowledged this trend in creating a new faux trailer mashup of other, long-forgotten films featuring superheroes, films that yet again everyone wished they hadn’t seen. They call it The Unwatchables. And it undoubtedly would be in a feature length version. But the trailer somehow serves to remind us that as bad as our current superhero flicks are, they could be worse. They will probably get worse. But for now, they could be worse.