Talented Guy Recreates Met Gala Dresses with Aluminium Foil and Garbage Bags

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  • Let’s give massive round of applause to João Paulo who recreated some of the most iconic Met Gala looks with aluminium foil, garbage bags and a whole lot of imagination!

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  • Pablo doesn’t just limit himself to recreating Met Gala looks either. This talented man also takes queues from fashion icons and recreates their looks on a paltry budget all while satirizing the ridiculousness of the fashion world.

    In other words, he is fabulous and sassy as all hell.

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  • You can check out the rest of his Met Gala creations below, and continue to see what amazing outfits he recreates next on his Instagram @JohnDrops.

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  • John drops met gala
  • Fantastic job João! We can’t wait to see what you do with other major fashion events like fashion week or the Oscars!