He wants a pop tart, and TOAST TEE TOES.
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  • God bless men like Rjsaid who filmed this complete douchebag melting down on a poor West Hollywood Chevron cashier.

    The video description says:

    Shortly before 5am on a Sunday, I pulled into a gas station in West Hollywood and found this man mid-freakout. Perched on a DoucheDeck/FootFedora/”Hoverboard”, he proceeded to spend the next five minutes attempting to buy Tostitos, Pop Tarts, and spaghetti while being THE WORST to the cashier.

    Now in the video, Tostitos Tyler says he’s already complained about the poor cashier before and his “attitude,” we can only hope the manager gets a look at this video before taking anything this guy says seriously.

    I also nominate “foot fedora” as the new name for hoverboards.