Is Jacob Sartorius the New Rebecca Black?

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  • I’ll admit, I consider myself a bit of a bad music aficianado and I thought I had found the worst song ever until hearing “Sweatshirt,” by Jacob Sartorius.

    Now the song isn’t entirely unpleasant admittedly, much like Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” it’s a bit of an earworm and can get stuck in your head pretty easily.

    But the lyrics. Dear god the lyrics.

    Sartorius, in all his autotuned glory makes it seem like he’s doing his “bae” a huge service by letting her wear his sweatshirt. Like it’s some form of promise ring that she’d proudly wear to class.

    Initially, Sartorius released a clip of the single which would play on repeat. If you wanted the whole song, you had to buy it on iTunes. Or you could just wait a week. Then wait another week for the lyrics video. If you combined the views on all the videos, the song altogether garnered 6,223,232 views.

    Not bad for a terrible song.