UPDATED: The Internet Can’t Stop Watching This Woman Hilariously Laughing at Her Chewbacca Mask!

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  • UPDATE: After this fantastic video went viral, Candice’s life has become filled with even more awesome!

    Since the uploading of the video, Kohl’s went ahead and purchased Candice a ton of Star Wars Stuff.

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  • And she got to appear on Good Morning America!

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • We’re so happy to see how well everything is going for her! Instant internet fame tends to have a negative effect, it’s nice to see it go in the other direction!


    This woman’s happiness is absolutely infectious!

    Shortly after purchasing a Chewbacca mask for herself (not her kids or her husband), Candace Payne took to Facebook to proudly show everyone the gizmo that makes her so unbelievably happy!

    We dare you to watch this video and not laugh along with Candace. It’s pretty hard not to!