Bernie and Hillary Waltz Into the Sunset on SNL

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  • Saturday Night Live’s season finale was last night, and we don’t know when season 42 will begin yet — probably in September or October, well after the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this July.

    Which means that one way or another, a spot-on political parody will be retiring from SNL’s lineup. And if we’re honest, Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton impression stands a much better chance of surviving than Larry David’s Bernie Sanders.

    SNL wasn’t about to let this one last opportunity go to waste. They brought David back for the cold open, where a presumptuous Hillary sits by herself in a bar, celebrating her inevitable victory while the bartender tries to close up. “Everybody’s gotta go,” Kenan Thompson announces, “that means you too, sir!”

    “No freaking way!” Bernie yells from his seat in the back. “I’m not going anywhere! I can stay here as long as I want! It’s not over until I say it’s over!”

    But the two rivals reconcile long enough to share one last drink together, trading barbs (“I’m your worst nightmare!” “Oh please, my worst nightmare is a mandatory spa day and you know it”) and reminiscing about their months on the campaign trail.

    “Well Bernie, you’ve gotta admit, we’ve had some good times, you and I,” Hillary says.

    “Yeah, it’s true,” says Bernie. “Remember when I told everyone to stop talking about your damn emails? What a schmuck!”

    “That could have taken me down! I do not like humor, but that was funny.”

    Finally they pair up and waltz their way through the SNL studio, joined by the rest of the cast in a big dance number, until Hillary chucks Bernie into an elevator.

    It was fun while it lasted, as Kate McKinnon says. But at least we have months and months of Clinton vs. Trump to look forward to. Yaaaay.