Tesla Driver Caught Sleeping Behind the Wheel!

  • We knew it was inevitable but we didn’t know how soon it would take before Tesla Model S drivers started to abuse their autopilot privileges.

    Elon Musk, who has only ever insisted that the auto-pilot was meant to assist drivers, would likely be very angry at the model S driver if he’d seen it himself.

    A gif of the driver was uploaded to Imgur last night, depicting a Model S driver sleeping soundly in stop-and-go traffic with the autopilot (thankfully) driving the car. Currently, there are no road laws the govern whether or not a driver must be awake while autopilot is on, but there are plenty of laws about staying awake behind the wheel.

    We hope this is a one-off incident, but with the rise of self driving vehicles, we may start to see more reports of this in the future and worse yet, accident reports that may result from this obvious negligence.