Guy Asks Hodor to Hold the Door!

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  • Yogscast creator Turpster recently watched the Warcraft movie and had a fateful meeting with Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn!

    Mild spoiler warning for those of you who may not be caught up with the latest Game of Thrones episode, stop reading here if you haven’t seen it!

    Turps ran into Nairn and filmed this hilariously awkward video after watching the Warcraft movie. For those of you who don’t care about spoilers, Nairn’s character on Game of Thrones named Hodor recently and tragically died in the latest episode (You can read a full recap here). The character’s name Hodor, comes from a phrase he repeatedly says throughout the series, and it was only through his death that we discovered he was actually saying the words “Hold the door.”

    The internet has been rife with “Hold the door,” jokes ever since, this video pretty much being the pinnacle. Nairn wasn’t the only one there watching the Warcraft movie, he was joined by his co-star Isaac Wright who plays the character Bran (and the person who gets Hodor killed).

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  • Anyone who’s wondering what Nairn has going on next, he plans on playing a DJ set in Manila called “Rave of Thrones,” and no we’re not making that up.

    Nairn is awesome.