SNL Korea Shows Us What an American Stereotype Looks Like!

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  • Prepare yourselves for a hell of a wake up call cause we’re finally getting a taste of our own medicine!

    Saturday Night Live: Korea did a skit called “Tiffany the American Girlfriend” who is an American stereotype, and like most stereotypes she’s a pretty exaggerated basic white girl.

    The list of Tiffany’s transgressions go as such (and get progressively worse):

    – Being super flexible and immodest about her body (which isn’t really a bad thing to me, you do what you want with your body but in a conservative culture, makes sense)

    – She washes a car in a sexy manner, and the car doesn’t belong to her boyfriend. I think this is supposed to illustrate that she’s both immodest and dumb.

    – She doesn’t have a grasp of the Korean language while confidently acting like she does.

    – She says WOO! a lot.

    – She’s loud.

    – For some reason, she invites her friends to party while she’s meeting her Korean boyfriend’s parents. Lack of situational awareness?

    – Disrespectful to the boyfriend’s parents

    – Apparently parties are an excuse to cheat on your significant other and they’re supposed to be cool with it.

    – We pull guns for the slightest insult. Allso where did she pull the gun from?

    In short, Americans are disrespectful, rude, overly sexual, gun nuts who cheat on their boyfriends/grilfriends, and are completely bipolar with our emotional reactions.

    Good to know this is what South Korea thinks of us (and probably the rest of the world too, except in Europe we’re fat too)!