That Moment the DJ Doesn’t Realize His Sound is Out

  • This past Sunday, EDM giants Kaskade and Cash Cash were joined by DJ KSHMR to perform in Toronto for the Freedom music festival.

    The day-long event was a smash success but was not without its tiny problems, mainly, during KSHMR’s set! Turns out, during his evening performance the main stage monitor speakers cut out for and extended period of time. But that didn’t stop KSHMR from jamming along to his mix.

    While the main speakers had cut out, KSHMR’s stage monitors were working fine, so he was hearing his set being played back to himself when no one else was. There’s even a few points where he attempt to talk to the audience with his microphone, but obviously didn’t get the reaction he was going for.

    The whole event lasted a good two or three minutes before the music kicked back on, much to everyone’s delight!