What’s It Like to Take a Bath in 1,500 Gallons of Coke?

  • Have you ever had a few thousand dollars and some spare time on your hands, and wondered what it would be like to play with a drone in a big swimming pool full of soda?

    Well, these guys have! And they decided to give it a try, for science.

    The TechRax YouTube channel cruised to 1.5 million views in a day by filling a backyard swimming pool with 1,500 gallons of Coca-Cola. (“P.S. Yes, some Pepsi was used in the making of this video,” TechRax noted in the description, ruining their chance for a Coke brand sponsorship.)

    “First thing we’re gonna do is just put a little bit of Mentos, just a tiny little bit of spice,” the host says, as if he’s whipping up a classy dessert on a cooking show. He follows up the bucketful of Mentos with about 200 pounds of ice. “Absolutely amazing. Look at this ice as it’s floating! This looks beautiful!”

    Once the Coke is perfectly cold and fizzy, his bro Ryan takes a flying leap into the pool while guzzling from yet another bottle of Coke and pouring it over himself. “It feels really smooth actually!” he says. “Though I feel all the fizz from the inside and it’s really weird!”

    They finish things off by flying a DGI Phantom 4 drone straight into the pool, just to see what happens. Sure enough, dousing electronic equipment in carbonated syrup just ruins the heck out of it. Glad we put that one to rest.

    Not included in the footage is the part where they have to empty the pool into the backyard, leaving them with a sticky Coke-saturated lawn that attracts every fly within a five-mile radius for the rest of the summer.

    If, like many people in the comments, you’re wondering why they needed to casually ruin a drone, TechRax’s specialty is buying brand-new gadgets — usually the latest iPhone — and finding creative ways to destroy them. Can the iPhone 6S survive when you put it inside a Big Mac and drop it in piranha acid, for example? Nope, sure can’t!

    I’ll just be sitting over here with my banged-up iPhone 5 that I haven’t had the money to upgrade for three years, muttering to myself about kids these days.

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