This Kid Won a Staring Contest With a Baseball TV Camera

  • If you’re at a baseball game and you realize the camera is pointed at you, what do you do? For most people, the answer would be to wave, or maybe kiss a significant other. For this boy attending the college world series, the answer is stare. Just… stare.

    It’s hard to know what he was thinking. What possesses a child to just stare unwaveringly into a camera broadcast to millions of people? You’ll have plenty of time to consider these options as you watch, feeling like this young boy is staring straight into the darkest depths of your very soul. The commentators took it much more lightheartedly than that, joking around about his determination, but are they sure there wasn’t some more nefarious purpose to this? Some sort of evil ritual? Or perhaps he was just practicing for the world championships of staring. Either way, kid, your face is about to be all over the internet. Good on you.

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