Microsoft’s Employee Email Will Have You Face Palming All Day

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  • Talk about cringeworthy!

    A recent email from a Microsoft recruiter has many a millennial shaking their heads while reading through it. The wildly informal yet somehow professional email refers to the future San Francisco intern as “Bae Intern” in a greeting so puntastic even Dad jokes can’t keep up. The email invites the new recruit to “Internpalooza,” cause anything that’s fun has -palooza added to the end of it.

    The important part of the email is the invitation to the after party which will be filled with “hella noms” (what), “lots of dranks” (double what), and some infamous beer pong tables that apparently this intern should know all about.

    Did we mentioned the sign off? Because this email ends with a sound “Hell yes to getting lit on a Monday night!”

    Go home Microsoft, you’re drunk and apparently so are all of your interns. On a Monday.

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