Man Shoots His Wife Everyday With Nerf Guns, Gets The Viral Video He Wanted All Along

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  • Creator (and I use this term very loosely) Psych Ward has spent the better part of his YouTube life chasing the ever elusive viral video, and by George he’s finally got it!

    It came at the cost of his wife’s sanity but hey, whatever it takes to get that sweet, sweet YouTube money. Am I right folks? The set up is simple, for a full week this dude shot his wife with Nerf guns because annoying your spouse is totally hilarious. He chose pretty much any opportunity in which his wife was in a calm, safe environment and BAM Nerf dart to the back/butt/thigh/wherever really.

    When he’s not annoying his poor wife, Psych Ward likes to prank drive-thru employees with difficult-to-understand orders by putting on an unintelligible accent and making their lives a bit more difficult because its funny. FYI, depending on the franchise some employees get reprimanded when the order time is extended past a certain point but hey viral video so who cares!

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