Now You Can Enjoy a Doughnut and a Soda in One Sip

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  • Krispy Kreme has teamed up with Cheerwine Soda to create a doughnut flavored soda. While food flavored drinks are usually a nonstarter, such as the Kraft Mac N Cheese Cocktails, this soda might just become a household favorite.

    This new Krispy Kreme Cheerwine soda, named Cheerwine Kreme, will combine Cheerwine’s classic Cherry Cola flavor with Krispy Kreme’s famous Glazed Doughnut to make a soft drink reminiscent of a jelly filled doughnut. Cheerwine Kreme is already available in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina and Krispy Kreme has plans to expand the reach of their new soft drink by making it available online.

    Krispy Kreme has also created a doughnut filled with Cheerwine flavored filling, so now you can drink your Krispy Kreme donut or eat your Cheerwine soda.

    Krispy Kreme’s announcement of their new soda was met with mixed emotions last week on Instagram. Some followers were eager to try the soda writing, “Just when I thought Cheerwine couldn’t get any better. Ha!;” however, the more health conscious felt this soda was a bottled trip to the dentist or doctor. One follower wrote, “Yikes! I love Cheerwine, but this combo sounds like diabetes in a bottle.”

    What do you think of this new doughnut soda? Is it a delicious combination of two snacking staples or a gross concoction? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!